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Teachers' Testimonials

This video shows two early years teachers talking about their experiences of using Ten Town.


Here are some other written testimonials ....


Emma Hunter, Nursery Teacher

Frederick Nattrass Primary School

I was recommended Ten Town by a former colleague. After seeing the child initiated activities she was able to draw from the scheme and create within her nursery setting, I was very keen to bring Ten Town to my own nursery.


Within my school there had been a problem with the implementation of the numeracy element of the EYFS and children were still not being able to recognise, use or write numbers even when entering Year One. I let my headteacher know straight away about Ten Town and this opportunity to present numbers in a fun and engaging way.


We have been learning all the numbers to 10 and the children are now applying them in their play.  They relate the numbers to the characters and are re-enacting the stories, using language, counting and starting to solve problems using numbers. We have also created models and painted pictures as the children are so eager to engage with these wonderful colourful characters. My nursery children are so eager to pick up a pencil and write numbers which is AMAZING!


The vocabulary that can be drawn from the stories is also of a very high standard and so the children are being immersed in high quality language at all times.


I have also had parents buy into the scheme to use at home because so many of the children are going home talking about Ten Town. We also had a Ten Town section on our World Maths Day, where parents were invited to take part in activities. The parents were very impressed with the resources and also commented on how useful the games are.


Also, due to problems the school has previously had with numbers, it is also being used in Reception, Year One and even with some children in Year Two. This has provided consistency in the way we present numbers and how the children are taught to form them.


From a teacher's point of view the online resource is very user friendly and the activities that go with each number are really useful and easily adaptable. I also have teachers in the area wanting to come and see how Ten Town is helping raise standards.


As far as I am concerned Ten Town has totally turned around the school's approach to learning.


Mrs Chris Baker, Reception Class Teacher

Edmonsley Primary School

I first encountered Ten Town in July 1999. I have used it with my reception class until September this year when I began using the new version.


The most exciting change of all is that it is now all available online - the stories and songs of old, now dance across our SMART board. The children can also work individually on activities and they can now take all this fun home too with the ‘parent packages’.


Ten Town quite simply works. This term we have 26 new starters and by the end of the first full week of reception class all 26 recognised numerals 0 to 10.


I work in an Ofsted 'outstanding ' school (three separate inspections) and have taught for 31 years and I rate Ten Town higher than any other product I have used.


Susie ColeNursery Teacher

Brooke Priory School

Ten Town is an amazing resource, the characters are interesting and capture the imagination of the children. The resources are easy to access and complement each other adding colour, movement and song.


We use the programme on the interactive whiteboard and have an interactive display in each room. The children begin with the songs and stories for each number. They each have a favourite. We have added the games and recently purchased the tabards. These come with some excellent ideas to further the children’s enjoyment and understanding of number. It also aids the writing of numbers with the rhymes and characters. We use the laminated cards with dry wipe pens, which the children love.


We have found that Ten Town has increased the speed at which the children recognise and engage with numbers. The children ask excitedly to use Ten Town and it has linked well with our other number schemes and equipment.


We use the scheme with children from 2 to 5 years. I have included some of the quotes from the 3-4 year old children.


“I like Nina Nine because she has pets.” CC

“I like Freddie Four because he packs his things and goes to the beach.” AF

“I like Ten Town Pond because it’s got 10 fish and it is a big number.” EM

“I like the Tommy Two game because it has got all the people in it.” FL

“I like King One, he does 1 thing on his bike.” JY

“I like the Ten Town games, the matching game.” GM

“I like Fiona Five because she plays ball.” CM


 The older children can access the programme on individual computers and work at their own level. This enables independent progress and reinforcement where needed.


Ten Town is a bright, fun way to introduce numbers to young children, we look forward to the increase to 20.


Miss Stacey Bloor, Senior Early Years Practitioner

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School

I am an early years practitioner in the foundation stage of a primary school. We have used Ten Town for many years and have found it an excellent resource.


We have recently started to use the new updated version of the scheme which the children really enjoy. The children love learning the songs and watching the stories about the characters. The online version is proving a fantastic resource to help enhance our pupils learning and development both at school and in their home environment.


The scheme has not only helped our children with their number formation, and significantly reduced number reversal, but we have used it across all areas of the early years framework. The children loved taking part in Ten Town News and they were delighted when we played the finished piece in front of the whole school.


The Ten Town is a superb early years resource and we are very proud to share our knowledge and experiences with other colleagues and professionals.