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Do you want to make numeracy easy and fun?

Do you want a way for your children to understand not only the concept of numbers, but how to form them correctly?

Do you want a cross-curricular scheme that can be used across all areas of learning? 

Ten Town transforms the confusing squiggles children see on a page into meaningful number shapes using unique stories, rhymes, animated characters and interactive games.

Memorable characters such as King One, Fiona Five and Sir Seven are designed to help children to improve their number recognition and formation, while reducing that common (and very frustrating) problem faced by so many early years practitioners - number reversal

Ten Town has the potential for exciting and meaningful cross curricular learning and development across of all the key areas of the revised EYFS framework but focused through a mathematical base. Whether it’s exploring the world around us with Freddie Four, finding out about the past with King One, or stimulating discussion about fitness and healthy eating with Fiona Five – Ten Town offers the early years practitioner a wealth of resources. 

Teachers' Testimonials...

But don't just take our word for it! Why not watch this video of two early years teachers talking about their experiences of Ten Town. You can also read a number of other written testimonials as well.

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The importance of early years maths was highlighted in a recent report by the Institute of Education. The study, funded by the DofE, found that quality of pre-school maths was still having an influence on the results of pupils up to the age of 14!*

So how can Ten Town help give your children the best possible start in maths?

Ten Town will…


  • …help you to achieve the revised EYFS standards and work towards the 17 new ELGs.


"The online version is proving a fantastic resource to help enhance our pupils'

learning and development both in school and in their home environment"

Miss Bloor, Early Years Practitioner


  • … provide your school with a scheme specifically designed for the early years that is successfully used in thousands of schools in the UK and around the world.


"I started using Ten Town in 1999 and have used it ever since."

Mrs Baker, Primary School Teacher


  • … save you time by providing lesson plans, observation sheets, printable resources and individual child progress tracking.


“More children have a secure knowledge of numbers after only a few weeks of 

Ten Town, than previous children at the end of an academic year”

Mrs Geach, Early Years Leader


  • …offer you an easy-to-use numeracy scheme that also provides hundreds of cross-curricular activities, including games, animations, songs and even a TV channel that can be used by individual pupils on a computer, or as a whole-class activity using an interactive white board.


“Ten Town’s online resources, with its innovative characters and music, are fully integrated within the developments of an evolving digital age.”

Terry Gould, author and early years consultant

Terry Gould is Ten Town’s Early Years Adviser.


Click here to read a review of Ten Town by a primary school teacher in the Times Education Supplement magazine. 


Ten Town has expanded!

The new online content is designed specifically for Reception year maths. As well as introducing the numbers up to 20, it covers topics such as size, weight, time, money, shapes, patterns, capacity, positional language, sinple calculations and much more! 

The content is based around Tia Ten, a famous Chinese TV chef. She invites King One, Tommy Two and their friends onto her television show to help them prepare food for a wonderful banquet.

Each episode of Tia's television show is an interactive story in which the children have to complete challenges to move onto the next part of the story. 


There are also a range of support materials to accompany the online content including over 50 practical activities as well as a range of physical resources including our new "10 to 20" flash cards and wall frieze.


The new content is also iPad compatible.



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 *Research results from ongoing EPPSE Project: Institute of Education see