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Information for Parents     

A recent study by the Institute of Education found that quality of pre-school maths was still having an influence on the maths results of pupils up to the age of 14!*

 “What pre-schools do with maths is particularly important,” said Brenda Taggart, one of the team's principal investigators. She said the fact that the quality of pre-school still showed an effect at 14 was 'remarkable'.

You can help your child get the best possible start in maths using Ten Town. 

Ten Town is a great way to introduce basic numeracy concepts to children as young as 3 years old, right through their early years and into Year 1.

So how can Ten Town help you child at home…….?

  • Our friendly number characters help children learn and remember the correct number formations, understand number value and also help to ‘turn around’ the common problem of writing numbers back-to-front. 

“The best part is that the characters explain to the children

why the numbers face the way they do”

Mrs Brecht, Nursery Manager

  • Used by schools and nurseries since 1996. Written by experts, Ten Town is now updated and completely revised to meet the latest educational guidelines and policies.


“We would have no hesitation in recommending Ten Town 

to other nurseries and pre-school groups”

Mrs White, Nursery Manager


  • Now, for the first time, Ten Town is available to parents and children at home, with online activities as well as Flash Cards and a Wall Frieze.


“Thank you so much for an excellent resource that has given us so much fun”

Mrs Robertson, Nursery Proprietor


  • Our story-based approach makes learning numbers fun and easy, with something to attract and maintain every child's attention, including games, stories, and animations, even our own Ten Town TV!


“It’s a brillant concept”

P Kaur, NQT


  • Ten Town provides lots of activities that enable children to use maths in real-life situations. The online games also encourage problem solving, reasoning, counting, patterning and much more!


Having used Ten Town to the full with our reception year

I would like to report on its success”

Mrs Straughan, Senior Reception Teacher


  • Ten Town provides safe online access with new resources added regularly. Makes maths enjoyable, not a chore!


“The children show great excitement when they meet a new character –

each one becoming part of the life of the Nursery.”

V Algate, Nursery Teacher


Subscription to Ten Town costs as little as £20 for one year**. 

Click here to find out details of our subscription packages. 


iPad Compatibility: The majority of games and activities are now iPad compatible. This means your iPad will need to be connected to the internet to use Ten Town. There are a few games that are still to be converted and these will only play on a PC. These are "Zero Pond: The Big Clean Up", "Freddie Four's Big Adventure" and "Ten Town Bingo".


*Research results from ongoing EPPSE Project: Institute of Education see

** By using discount code from subscribing school or nursery.