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What's in the books?

0 to 10 Activity Book

The 38-page book introduces each of the Ten Town characters and their number rhymes as well as a brief summary of their story. There are also a variety of picture puzzles to help develop an understanding of the value of each number and also introduce some of the cross-curricular topics associated with each character.

The book is designed for parents wanting to consolidate Ten Town at home with their children.

10 to 20 Activity Book

This new 50-page A4 Activity Book introduces the numbers from 10 to 20 with a particular emphasis on place value, so that children gain an understanding that the number 11 is created from a "10" plus a "1", rather than two 1s.

The book also features activities on the main reception year maths topics including time, money, weight, positional language, estimating and much more!

There are four pages for each number that follow the same format:
Page 1: Introduces the story for the episode of “The Tia Ten Show”
Page 2: Counting activity for the number
The objects are often arranged in irregular patterns to make the counting activity more realistic.
Page 3: Activity on the related topic for the number
Page 4: Number tracing and spot the number
The “spot the number” activity is designed to introduce the idea that numbers can be written in different ways and to help children identify these variations.

There are further questions at the back of the book that extend each activity. The questions are  colour-coded to the stages of development.

Offer valid until 30/09/20.

Books sent by 1st Class post. Due to current situation this may take a little longer than usual.

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