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New Resources for 2018-19

We have introduced a range of exciting resources for the new academic year.

Interactive Display Board (DS10) £99.99


Large map of Ten Town on 5mm Foamex (1.5m x 1.0m) with 11 x A6 perspex frames. Includes 11 x A6 double-sided laminated cards that can be inserted into the frames, featuring the Ten Town characters on one side and the plain number on the reverse. A personalised welcome message can be included for free on the map.

Drywipe A4 Character Boards with mathematical symbols (DW10) £39.99


This is 4-year-Lennie, trying out the new drywipe A4 character boards. They come in a set of 14 and are printed on Foamex boards (3mm). The front side features the Ten Town characters with a drywipe coating. The reverse of each board features a collection of objects for each number. There are also cards for plus, minus and equals symbols, so that simple number sentences can be created. A "10 to 20" version is also available.

Outdoor wall frieze (OWF10/OWF20) £45.00 each or £80 for the pair


These are outdoor versions of our popular wall friezes. They are printed on 5mm Foamex with a gloss lamainted coating. The friezes measure 252cm by 29.7cm and are supplied in two parts.

Both friezes can be mounted using screws/wall plugs, a strong grab-adhesive or zip ties (no fixings included). The friezes come with 5mm pre-drilled holes in each corner (also available without drill holes, if required).


Laminated Number Lines (NL10 and NL20) £10 for set of 30

The number lines feature the Ten Town characters on one side and the plain numerals on the reverse. The 0 to 10 number line is bookmark-size (21cm x 5.2cm), while the 10 to 20 number line is slightly longer (29.7cm x 5.2cm).

Subscribers can order these resources via the "school sign in" and the "buy additional resources" option or by calling us on 0345 474 1232.

Ten Town Day and Sponsored Sing-Along!


Before half term, Ysgol Bryn Hedydd in Rhyl, held a special Ten Town day.


Miss Smith, from the Nursery Class, explained,

"We wanted to find a way to celebrate how much using the scheme has encouraged and engaged the children of all abilities in Nursery this year. They really enjoy learning all about the characters so thought a Ten Town day where the children could dress up as their favourite character along with a sponsored sing would be a great way to celebrate how much we enjoy using the scheme. The parents/carers/family members were invited to attend and they really enjoyed seeing their children during the sponsored sing!"


It looks like a fantastic day and well done to everyone involved!


You can find out more about the day, as well as photos and some wonderful clips of the children singing, on the school twitter page:




Cyber Essentials Plus

As part of our GDPR compliance, we're pleased to announce that Ten Town had achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. This is the higher level of the government-backed scheme that includes an external vulnerability scan, as well as an on-site, internal scan, penetration test and assessment of IT infrastructure carried out by an external certifying body.

Click here - to read our new privacy policy here.

New "0 to 20" Activity Book

This new 50-page A4 Activity Book introduces the numbers from 10 to 20 with a particular emphasis on place value, so that children gain an understanding that the number 11 is created from a "10" plus a "1", rather than two 1s.

The book also features activities on the main reception year maths topics including time, money, weight, positional langauge, estimating and much more!

The book cost £9.99 (plus £1.99 P&P). Click here for further informative and to buy the book.

Using Ten Town to develop maths in a reception class

Jayne Podmore, a reception class teacher at Burton Manor Primary School has written about her experiences using Ten Town. Jayne and her colleague, Laura Smith, have created a fantastic role play area based around "Tia Ten's TV Studio" (below). They have provided the children with lots of cooking tools, saucepans, mixing bowls, wok, electronic scales, measuring spoons and plates, cups, and sets of cutlery. The children had access to various pulses, rice, pasta and other real cooking items to use in play, they also had a dust pan and brush to clean up any spillages!

As well as stimulating the children's interest in maths, they have also seen significant improvements in outcomes in their first term. Click here to read Jayne's report.

New guide for the "10 to 20" content

We've just added a new 6-page guide to the different reception year maths topics that are covered in the "10 to 20" content (these include time, weight, money, estimating, positional language etc...)

The grid shows which topics are introduced with each number - along with the related games, practical activities, consolidation sheets and certificates. Hopefully this should help with planning.

It can be downloaded via the "View teaching resources" option - there's a copy in each episode folder. 

Thanks to Wendy Ireland from Huish Primary for spotting this gap in our resources. 

If you have any suggestions for any teaching resources you'd like to see, just let us know and we'll do our best to add them.

Ten Town wins "Excellence in Early Years" Award

We're delighted that Ten Town has been announced as a winner in the Maths category of the "Excellence in Early Years Awards" 2017. 

The judges commented, “This is a lovely maths resource that uses the characters of Ten Town to encourage recognition of numerals. The online component is supported by lots of resources which could be added to child-led early years environments for use by children within their own play, to further build on early maths understanding.

Over 300 early years resources were nominated for the awards which are organised by Teach Early Years Magazine.

Ten Town supports two schools in Goa

Early this year, Ten Town was approached by Jan Bacon, Assistant Head of Altrincham Preparatory School in Bowdon, Greater Manchester. APS has created links with the Don Bosco Konkan Development Society, who have two schools which specially cater for under privileged, migrant children near Panjim, in Goa.

Twice a year, Jan travels out to support staff in both schools to develop the children’s knowledge and skills in speaking, reading and writing English.  Having successfully implemented the Jolly Phonics programme as part of this process, the focus has now turned to the teaching of mathematics, particularly within the Early Years.  As Ten Town is much loved at APS, in both the Pre-School and Reception; Jan contacted us about the possibility of implementing Ten Town in the two schools.

After visiting Jan at APS to find out more about the work she does in Goa, we were delighted to be able to help and donate enough resources to support all 220 early years pupils that attend the both school.

Jan and her colleague, Debbie, travelled to India in April and spent time with the teachers introducing them to Ten Town, so they are ready to implement the scheme when the children start their new term in June. The teachers are very excited about using Ten Town and Jan will be reporting back on the children's progress when she returns in October.

Jan Bacon says,

"Thank you, Ten Town for helping us make a difference. These schools offer a safe haven for many of the children during the day; Anchora haven where they are cared for and given a hot meal. For some, this is their only meal of the day. The marvellous thing is that the children really want to learn and the teachers are keen to develop their professional knowledge and so we are all trying to give the children the best possible start to their lives- whatever their circumstances."

Ten Town shortlisted for Early Years Award

Ten Town have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Excellence in Early Years Awards. Over 300 early years resources were nominated for the awards, so we were delighted to be one of five shortlisted in the Maths category. The awards are organised by Teach Early Years Magazine and the final results will be announced in June.

New "0 to 10" Activity Book available now! 

The 38-page book introduces each of the Ten Town characters and their number rhymes as well as a brief summary of their story. There are also a variety of picture puzzles to help develop an understanding of the value of each number and also introduce some of the cross-curricular topics associated with each character.

While the book will be a useful classroom resource, it is particularly aimed at parents wanting to consolidate Ten Town at home with their children.

Every book purchased by a parent of a subscribing school or nursery will earn £1 for their school to spend on Ten Town resources. 

The cost is £7.99 (plus £1.99 P&P) and it can be ordered through the "Pay Now" button. Please include your email address in the order so we can confirm the school/nursery to credit.

Order by ASAP to guarentee your copy for Christmas. P&P applies to UK postage only.

Subscribing school and nursery can order on account through the normal "Buy additional resources" option.

Watch first episode of "Where's Freddie Four?"

"Where's Freddie Four?" is a new activity presented by Alex Winters. In each episode Freddie Four, the explorer, visits a new country. Then Alex presents four funs facts about the country as a well to help develop "Understanding the World". 

The episodes include facts about culture, history, geograph, food, music as well as a bit of numeracy! "Where's Freddie Four?" is available on our YouTube Channel but Ten Town subscribers can also download an activity guide to the country via the website. Click here to watch the first episode.

Ten Town subscribers can also print off or download suggested follow on activities. These include ideas for children's stories, video clips and classroom activities. They are available in the "General" folder of the "View Teaching Resources" option of the school sign in.

A visit from Freddie Four!

From September, Freddie Four will be visiting schools and nurseries across the UK.

We've had Freddie Four made into a 50cm tall soft toy and here's five-year-old Bronwyn playing with him.

Freddie Four has a number 4 that can be attached while he's sitting in his boat. He also has a functioning backpack which contains 4 compasses, 4 telescopes, 4 magnifying glasses and 4 maps.

Freddie Four is available to visit subscribing schools and nurseries for a week for your children to play with. It's free of charge and all we ask is that you send a photo of what Freddie has been up to during his stay!

If you'd like Freddie Four to your school or nursery then just email

Alex Winters presents "Where's Freddie Four?"

We're delighted to annouce a new feature starting in September. Children's TV personality, Alex Winters, will be presenting "Where's Freddie Four?". To watch a short promo click here!

Each week Freddie Four will be in a new country and Alex will be giving four fun facts about Freddie's location which will help develop "Understanding the World" UW1/UW2. The episodes will include some geography, history, science, music, culture, languages, general knowledge and as well as numeracy!

The new feature will be free to view on our new YouTube channel but Ten Town subscribers will be able to download and print off further activities relating to each country Freddie visits.


300 new consolidation activities for "10 to 20"!

We have added over 300 new consolidation activities as part of the "10 to 20" content. As well as basic counting, number recognition and formation activities for each number, there are also many sheets that link to the topics introduced in each episode. So there are activities relating to "time" in Episode 12, "halves and quarters" in Episode 14 and "weight" in Episode 16.

The consolidation sheets are free to download and print off via the "school sign in". Just go to "View teaching resources" and then select the relevant episode and select "Consolidation Activities".

Ten Town takes to the stage!

Last year Merton Court School, Sidcup contacted us to say they were planning to base their Christmas performance on Ten Town, and to ask permission to use our music as part of their public performance.

We were happy to oblige and we recently received a DVD of "Ten Town's Winter Festival".

We thought this musical production was fantastic and it's testament to the creativity of the staff at Merton Court to put on such a great show. The performance of the all the pupils was brilliant and they acted out their parts with real confidence. We loved the costumes as well!

In the show the Ten Town characters visit Eric Eight to take part in a Winter Festival but the warm weather means Eric is starting to melt! So the characters have to come up with a plan to save their favourite snowman!

The show was produced by the school's Dance & Drama Co-ordinator, Mrs Debbie Saunders. She skilfully combined the Ten Town musical with other popular songs she had adapted.

We have uploaded "Ten Town's Winter Festival" to our website so that subscribers can view the performance. You can find it in King One's Ten Town TV. We're sure children in other schools will enjoy watching the show and it may give you ideas for your own!

If you are planning to use any Ten Town music in a public performance please let us know we'll be happy to grant you permission. For copyright reasons the version of the show we've posted on the website only features Ten Town's own music.  Thanks to Horsman Video Productions, who filmed the performance, for providing us with a copy of the show.

Price reductions!

Thanks to the increase in the number of subscribing schools we have been able to print our most popular resources in larger numbers and therefore reducing the unit cost. We are delighted to be able to pass on these savings to our customers...

Laminated flash cards reduced from £15 to £10

Wall friezes reduced from £10 to £8

A4 laminated character cards reduced from £19.99 to £15

Sing along CD and Tia Ten CD reduced from £12 to £10 each

As Ten Town continues to grow, and we benefit from greater economies of scale, we will continue to pass on these savings to our valued customers. 

Sign in without a username and password!

In response to requests from many of our users, we have now created an option that allows you to automatically login to your classes without having to input a username and password.

For the automatic login to work, your school needs to have a static public IP address or one that operates within a range. This is pretty common for most schools. If you're not sure of your public IP address, don't worry as we can help you confirm this.

Then we'll send you a set of unique links to your Ten Town classes and you can use these to create simple shortcuts on your destop (or other devices). There is a help video that explains how to set up a shortcut - click here.

If you are interested in setting up automatic logins then just email us on or call us on 0345 474 1232 (office hours)


Ten Town stamps now available!

We are delighted to announce that Ten Town stamps are now available to buy. These self-adhesive play stamps are a great way to develop numeracy skills and encourage literacy. The stamps come in sets of 10 sheets with 80 stamps for each character - so that's 800 stamps for just £10!

The stamps can be used to practice number bonds - for example, if a letter costs 5p to send, which two stamps will the children select? Or if a parcel costs 10p, which stamps make a total of 10p? The stamps should also encourage children to write to their favourite Ten Town character, so why not set up a Ten Town post box in your classroom?

If you collect your children's letters and pictures together and send them to us at Ten Town, then we'll put them up on the website - so that the children can see that they have reached us - and we'll also send each child this special sticker (below).

Thierry Twenty's number bond game

We've just added a new game for Episode 20 of the Tia Ten Show. In the game the player helps Thierry Twenty add red and blue candles to his cake to make a total of 20. On level two, the player is given the number of red candles on the cake and then has to select how many blue are needed to make 20. Remember you can also print out the cake and candles at the end of the game.


Fiona Five and Seal Six's games are now iPad compatible

All the new "10 to 20" is automatically iPad compatible, however we have also been updating the original "0 to 10" content so that it can be played on iPads.

We've just converted Fiona Five's Fantastic Fruit Smoothie Game and Seal Six's Fish Flipping Game and this means that the follows "0 to 10" content is now iPad compatible; all the stories, all the songs, all the videos, all the tracing games, all the "more of less" games, all the new "find the sets" activities, Fiona Five's game and Seal Six's game. This just leaves a few of the individual character games which are scheduled to be converted over the coming months.

Three new games added!

We've added new games to Episodes 17, 18 and 19 of the Tia Ten Show. These can be played as part of each episode's "Interactive Story" or as a stand-alone game by selecting the "Games" option. 

The Episode 17 game introduces some basic coding skills, as the player has to help Sir Seven find his way to the TV studios. In the Episode 18 game, the player has to estimate the number of glasses of milkshake Eric Eight will get from a jug. While in the Episode 19 game, the player has to help Nina Nine Bows make bird feeders by adding or substracting nuts from the 3D shape. 

New Tia Ten Story and Song

We've added a new Tia Ten story and song as part of the "0 to 10" content. The story follows Tia Ten as she prepares for the opening night of her new restaurant "Ten". There is also the new "dumpling song" (based on Ten Green Bottles) in which Tia prepares her famous Chinese soup with dumplings!

At the end of the story Tia receives a phone call from a TV producer about starring in her own TV show. So this now links in with the new "10 to 20" content which is based around the "Tia Ten Show".

REMEMBER to access the Tia Ten content on the Ten Town Map you need to unlock the number 10. To do this you need to complete four activities for each number. These are:

- Watch the story

- Watch the song

- Try the number tracing game

- Try the new find the sets activity

The activities that need to be completed also have a * after their name. Once you have unlocked all the numbers 0 to 9 you will see a congratulations video and Tia Ten and her restaurant will appear on the Ten Town map.

New Help Videos

We've started to add a number of videos to help users make the most of Ten Town. The first two videos help schools set up their class and user logins and parents set up their child login. The videos can be accessed by clicking the "Help Videos" option in the footer of the home page or click here


Tia Ten is here!

We are pleased to announce that the new, iPad compatible, "10 to 20" content now available online. The content is based around Tia Ten, a celebrity chef who asks King One and his friends onto her TV show to prepare food for a special banquet. When Tia Ten works with the existing characters they form the new numbers up to 20.

Along the way they undertake lots of activities based around Reception class maths topics including measuring, time, shapes and patterns, money, halves and quarters, weight, capacity, ordinal numbers, simple calaculations and lots more!

Ten Town Wins at Practical Pre-School Awards

We are delighted to announce that Ten Town was the Overall Winner in its category at the Practical Pre-School Awards 2013! 

Not only did we receive a Gold Award in the Music and Multimedia category but we were also awarded the Overall Winner because the judges gave us the highest mark– 95 out of 100!

They are great awards to win because they are judged by early years practitioners, testing the products in their own setting with their pupils. 

The feedback from one of the testers said, 
‘We love this product! The children have tried lots of the computer games and the Reception children were able to use them independently. The tabards are well made and very durable. The wall frieze and number cards are well designed – bright and colourful. The number stories to help the children remember the number formation shapes are great. We are now looking to subscribe!”

Don't take our word for it....

We have just added a testimonials page so you have see what other early years practicioners think about Ten Town. As well as some written testimonials, you can also watch two teachers talk about their experience of using the scheme. Just click here to go to the testimonials page.

Remember you can also read January's TES review of Ten Town - just click here

New '10 to 20' Flash Cards!

We're delighted to annouce that the new set of '10 to 20' flash cards are now available. The cards feature Tia Ten, a famous TV chef, who helps King One prepare a magnificent banquet. All the Ten Town characters join Tia on her TV show and they work together to produce delicious food for the banquet. The reverse side of the flash card includes ideas for related activities on topics such as time, weight, money, capacity, shapes and patterns, halves and quarters and much more!

These flash cards are just the start of the expansion of Ten Town and we're already working on animations, games, activities and videos to accompany the new numbers which will be available on a new i-pad compatible site "Ten Town+" next year. 

The new wall frieze will also be available very shortly.

New book on ICT in the Early Years

Ten Town's Early Years Adviser, Terry Gould, has a new book launching in October. "Press it, switch it, turn it, move it!" aims to support all those working with children in the EYFS to help them to ‘open doors’ and ‘create learning opportunities’ for the active young child. These opportunities, through ICT, will be particularly supportive of a wide range of early communication and language skills, as well as each of the other areas of learning, in exciting, motivating ways.


Advanced orders can be placed on Amazon.



We’ve just added Ten Town Bingo to the site, which should be a nice end of term activity.  The game includes all the Ten Town characters as well as their houses and related objects eg Fiona Five’s basketballs and Freddie Four’s map. As with normal bingo, the children have to match the image to the one on their bingo card and cover it with a token.

You can play first to complete a line, or “black out” (when the whole board has to be covered). Alternatively the children could have to complete a shape like an “L” or a “U” on their board.

When “bingo” is selected a short congratulatory video plays.

The bingo cards and token are available to print out from the website (just go to the “General" folder). There will be 30 different cards available to print so you’ll be able to play with a whole class if required.

The game gives you the option to generate the images either automatically or manually. This means you can control the interval between the images dependent on the ability of your class.  There is also a recap button so you can check which images have gone before. Finally, as with all our new games, there is a full screen option.

Ten Town Bingo can be found in the “Games” option of the Ten Town Pond. Remember you can’t access the Ten Town Pond activities on the interactive map unless it has been unlocked.  However, teachers can access the Ten Town Pond activities at any time via the “View Online Resources” option of the control panel.

For more information about unlocking the Ten Town Pond please see the document in the “General” folder or just give us a call on 0845 474 1232.

New "Find the Sets" Games

As well as regularly adding new content, we also like to refine and improve existing activities. The "Find the Sets" games were one of the first we designed and, after taking onboard feedback from practitioners, we decided to produce an updated version.

The new games have a greater variety of objects (40 in total) and the way there are displayed is 'more random'. In the existing game the objects were always displayed in the same layout and this meant the game became less challenging the more a child played it. But with the new game the layout varies - so seven ladybirds might be displayed 3 and 4 but the next time they might be 2, 3 and 2.

Also, the new version has a "full screen" option, which the existing one didn't. This makes it much better for using as a group activity on an IWB - especially for the higher value characters when there are a lot of objects on screen at one time. For the time being we'll also leave the existing game up, as we're sure some children will still like to play this version.

Chris Howard's Pond Creatures

Chris Howard is an experienced natural history producer, who's credits include Planet Earth Live and David Attenborough's Flying Monsters 3D.  However, your children may know him best as "Nature Chris", presenter of the Cbeebies series "Green Balloon Club". We recently filmed wth Chris to produce a two-part film in which he goes pond dipping at Folly Farm near Bristol. Chris manages to "dip" some great creatures including hoglouse, shrimps and even a newt. Chris talks about simple life cycles and introduces some of the basic concepts of the food chain.

The films can be seen in the Ten Town TV section of the Ten Town Pond. Remember, the Ten Town Pond activities will only appear on the interactive map once it has been "unlocked". There is a document in the "General" folder of the teaching resources that explains how to do this. However, teachers can access the Ten Town Pond activities at any time by signing in as a "school" and then clicking on "view online resources". If you need any assistance with this please don't hesitate to call us on 0845 474 1232 or email 

Fiona Five's Fantastic Fruit Smoothie Game

We've added a great new game to the online resource in which the player helps Fiona Five make fruit smoothies for five of her friends. First, Fiona has to collect the fruit before putting it into the blender. The colour of the smoothie changes depending on the fruit selected. At the end the child has to guess who drank the last smoothie!

Fiona Five can be controlled by either the arrow keys or the mouse, which means that it can also be played as a group activity on an IWB.

Times Education Supplement Review

Ten Town was reviewed in this week's edition of the Times Education Supplement magazine. Primary school teacher Marilyn Sweet, explains how Ten Town has helped her children improve their number formation and recognition. She also talks about how Ten Town has stimulated the children's interest in maths... 

"As with all learning, motivation is a key factor, and with the new version of Ten Town I have noticed all the children in both Nursery and Reception showing a real interest in numbers. Their faces light up at the mention of anything to do with Ten Town and this enthusiasm for numbers should help lay the foundations for successful mathematics in the years to come."   

You can read the full review by clicking here

(TES Magazine No. 50261 11/01/13  pg 42)


Ten Town reviewed in Teach Nursery Magazine

Ten Town is featured in this month's edition of Teach Nursery magazine in a review entitled "Ten of the best". This independent review says, "Ten Town is a really comprehensive set of resources that encourage children to explore, play with and recognise numbers 0-10 as part of a themed approach. We liked the rhymes for forming numbers and the role play tabards were a real hit too.
The website itself contains lots of activities for children to participate in and works well with the practical activities. It also offers lots of resources for tracking children's progress, and for parents to use with their children at home". (
Teach Nursery Issue 3.1 Page 80)

Ten Town shortlisted for Bett Awards 2013

We're delighted to announce that Ten Town has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Bett Awards 2013. The awards celebrate the highest level of achievement by companies that supply ICT for education. Caroline Wright, director of BESA and chair of judging, says; "Despite schools now realising that they do have strong available budgets, teachers are being more shrewd in assessing the aptness of products for their specific needs. Products therefore need to be of the highest standard to ensure that, aside from the initial purchase price, the total cost of ownership is low. That is what the judges have identified; products that offer the highest quality and are fit for purpose. These Bett Awards finalists are certainly companies that schools can safety consider to be amongst the best available." The full list of finalists can be viewed at

Slam Dunk!

We ran the first of our wheelchair sports sessions with reception class pupils from Whitgreave Primary School, Featherstone. The children had the chance to experience various wheelchair sports, including basketball (right), while completing some activities based around the number five. The event was run by AC Sports Coaching and Development who specialise in providing "have a go" wheelchair sports sessions for schools. We filmed the event and will add it to the website soon so you can see what's involved - and if you're interested in arranging your own Fiona Five Wheelchair Sports Session then just send us an e-mail to

Land of the Rising Sums

There was a very interesting documentary on BBC Radio 4 recently looking at how maths is taught in Asia. “Land of the Rising Sums” was presented by the mathematician and author Alex Bellos, who began by revealing that half of the UK adult population have the maths skills of an 11 year old and it is estimated that  our poor numeracy skills cost the UK economy £2.4billion every year.


So Bellos travelled to Japan to find out how their unique approach to teaching maths results in a much better level of numeracy than in most western countries. Bellos looked at how the Japanese are taught their times tables using a song called the KUKU. He found that the song was something that Japanese people still remembered right into adulthood. He also examined the widespread use of the abacus from an early age and witnessed the mind boggling speed with which young children could use them to work out complex calculations. One of the programmes contributors suggested that the abacus allowed Japanese children to form visual connections with numbers as opposed to the abstract way we traditionally learn our numbers in the west. But the main conclusion that Bellos seemed to draw was that Japanese see numbers as something “not to be feared but to have a bit of fun with”.


It is possible to draw some positive comparisons between these Japanese methods and Ten Town, certainly in the use of songs and the visual connection children can make with numbers. And, as many teachers tell us, Ten Town makes numbers fun and obviously this is crucial in trying to get children interested in maths.


“Land of the Rising Sums” is available to listen to via the new BBC radio i-player. The link is

Flipping Fun!

We have completed a new game called Seal Six’s Fish Flipping Game (right). The aim is to help Seal Six catch six red, green and yellow fish for his tea. The player uses the arrow keys to flip the fish into the basket and, at the same time, they can help keep the sea clean by flipping items of rubbish into the recycling bin.

Here's Johnny ... the hamster!

We've recently added a new video to Nin Nine Bows' Ten Town TV. Dean from the Pets at Home store in Stafford shows us a variety of small animals and talks about how to look after them. As well as Johnny the hamster (left), Dean also introduces us to Alf the rabbit, Rufus the guinea pig and Zac the python.

Letter from King One

Mrs Boswell from Raynehurst Community Primary School was telling us recently how much her class were enjoying Ten Town and that her children had been writing letters to King One. We thought this was a great way to encourage literacy and that it would be nice if King One, and the other characters, could reply back to the children. So we've designed a letter template for each of the characters that can be downloaded from the website. We've included a 'text box' so that the message can be personalised for each child.



Is Your EYFS on Track? 

Terry Gould, Ten Town's Early Years Adviser, has just published his new book. "Is Your EYFS on Track?" is about evaluating the effectiveness of an early years setting in light of the latest recommendations.


Great Feedback from Subscribers

We're delighted at the response we've had to the updated version of Ten Town since the new term started. We've had orders from all over the UK as well as from schools in China, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland. And the feedback we've had from subscribers has been brilliant, both from those who used the scheme previously as well as those who are new to Ten Town. One subscribers told us about this thread on the TES forum

"Back to School" Special Offer! Free resources pack worth £47

Until the end of September subscribing schools and nurseries will receive a free resources pack containing a set of laminated flash cards, a 2.5m full colour wall frieze, the Ten Town sing-along CD and our reward sticker pack contain 385 character stickers (these can be used with the Reward Chart which is free for subscribers to download and print). We have now uploaded all the revised support material to align to the revised EYFS  - so why not take advantage of this great special offer in time for the new school year !

Ready for September! Ten Town and the revised EYFS framework

We've been busy making sure all our support materials are aligned to the new framework. One of the new resources we've produced are these colour-coded ELG guides for each character, which we think will be particularly useful for practitioners. They show how every single Ten Town activity can help you work towards specific ELGs from the revised framework. So, if you are planning a specific activity you can check which ELGs this will help develop and, visa versa, you can use the guides if you are trying to find an activity that aids a particular ELG. We will be add all the revised support material in the first week of August.

Ten Town News makes the News!

We recently filmed a new edition of Ten Town News at St Gregory's Catholic Primary School in Longton. The children had created a fantastic story about Sports Day in Ten Town and we had great fun filming it with them. We even made it into the local paper - the Stoke Sentinel.



Ten Town is open for business!

The full Ten Town site is now fully operational with secure online payment facilities. Registered schools and nursery can select to pay by card or on account. Why not take advantage of our great introductory offer including a discounted subscription rate as well as 15 months for the price of 12. And remember each new school subscription includes a free set of flash cards and our 2.5 metres full colour wall frieze.

Latest Animations

Kyle and Andrew, our fantastic team of animators from the Chog Zoo Animation Studio have been busy working on the latest Ten Town animated stories. They have just completed Sir Seven and Eric Eight. Here, Sir Seven is tucked up in bed with his seven teddies! These animations will be online shortly.


 Reward Stickers

We now have sets of Ten Town reward sticker available to purchase. For £10 you receive a sheet of 35 stickers for each character - so a total of 11 sheets and 385 stickers in all. P&P is £1.50 but there are no P&P charges if order with a subscription.

The stickers can also be used in conjunction with the Ten Town reward chart which is free to download as part of the teachers support materials. 


How to be a Knight!

We have been busy producing new pieces for Ten Town TV. We recently shot a great short film about "How to be a Knight" at Stafford Castle in which Alan Moore (dressed in his full knight apparel) explains the seven key things you needed to be a knight. We are just editing this piece together and it will soon be available to view as part of Sir Seven's Ten Town TV.

We also filmed a piece with Alan about why castles were built and what they were like to live in hundreds of year ago. This film will form part of King One's Ten Town TV.

New Early Years Publication by Terry Gould

Terry Gould's new book "Learning and Playing Indoors"  is now available to buy. The book looks at creating meaningful learning spaces indoor and is published by Featherstone Education. Terry Gould is Ten Town's Early Years Advisor.

Role Play Tabards

Ten Town role play tabards are now available to purchase separately. The set of 11 tabards cost £49.99 (plus £3 postage and packing) but there are no P&P charges if purchased at the same time as a subscription. Also included is our "Ten Town Role Play Guide" with 12 activities to help make the most of this great resource.  

Site Testing Complete

Thanks to the schools and nurseries that have been testing the site over the last month. We have received some very helpful feedback and the web developers are now making these final admendments. Schools and nurseries can now order their subscription by contacting We spent a little longer testing the site so we have extended the discounted introductory offer until 20th July 2012 - including access to all the online activities and printable resources until 1st September 2013.

Ten Town Goes Live!

Welcome to the new Ten Town on-line resource!


We are just carrying out some final testing so it’s not possible to subscribe quite yet but it won’t be long before you can sign up! However, you can get an idea of what the site will be like by viewing the demo and video tour.


Don’t forget as well as the on-line activities there is also a wealth of support material based around the EYFS framework, including over 200 pages of printable teaching resources.


We’ll be running a great introductory offer for schools and nurseries which includes a free set of laminated flashcards, a 2.5m full colour wall frieze and subscription to all the online activities and resources until September 2013 – all from just £60!* 


And for the first time our mytentown packages offer parents the chance to support their child learning at home, starting at just £20 for 15 months subscription. 


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to  


*Introductory offer extended until July 20th 2012

Ten Town News

Ten Town News is an exciting opportunity for your class to report live from Ten Town!

We recently filmed the first edition of Ten Town News at Wansbeck First School. The children had worked hard to create a story based around King One’s party. We then filmed the children presenting their story in front of a “green screen” and, with the help of our animators, it will appear as if the children are reporting live from King One’s castle!

Thanks to Mrs Garr, her teaching assistants and, of course, the children for all their efforts. You’ll be able to see the results as part of Ten Town TV soon!

We have a number of schools lined up to take part in their own Ten Town News after Easter, but there are still opportunities to participate. If you’re interested in your class working on Ten Town News as a project then send us an e-mail to  


The Ten Town Gallery

We’d love to receive any paintings, drawings or artwork of the Ten Town characters to display in our gallery. Colouring-in sheets of each character are available in the teachers’ on-line resources. 


Each month Rebecca Sandy, the creator of Ten Town, will judge the best piece of artwork and the winner will receive a set of Ten Town reward stickers for their class.


Please send your children’s artwork to us at Ten Town, The Old Orchard, Crescent Road, Stafford, ST17 9AL. Alternatively, scan and e-mail the pictures to with the subject marked “gallery”.


We are sorry but we are unable to return any artwork sent through the post.  The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Entries received by the final working day of the month will be eligible for that month’s prize. The winner will then be announced in Ten Town News the following month. There is no cash alternative and Ten Town Ltd reserve the right to send an alternative prize of an equivalent value.


See the gallery